Motherboard Repairs

Urban Led TV Repair is now offering the best LED TV motherboard repairing services in Gurugram​. Did you know? The faulty LCD, LED, or TV can be repaired without the need for costly spare parts. Our technicians examine the complications of your Led TV motherboard and come up with custom-made solutions. Do you have these issues? These are just a few usual problems we can list out. Though, do you have any other particular problems? Just consult with us! Usually, we take a couple of days to resolve the problem. Once we know the precise problem, it becomes simple for us to recommend you a reasonable LED TV repair cost. Actually, we have resolved many motherboard repair problems within 24 hours.

Led Motherboard Repair

If there is no color on your LCD or LED screen, or there is a vertical or horizontal line coming on the display, or there is no sound from your Television, you need to repair your motherboard. Urban Led TV Repair is the best motherboard repair service center in Gurugram to resolve issues.

At Urban Led TV Repair our technical experts are knowledgeable and highly skilled in offering LED TV motherboard repair services in Gurugram. Sometimes, defectiveness happens due to flawed electronic parts. A slight replacement and repair service will resolve the purpose. On the other hand, exhaustive complications might also be the reason. This needs exceptional and ultra-modern LED repair equipment. With our company having more than 10 years of experience, we have the required equipment.

We deal with every kind of LED TV repair, right from solving screwdriver problems to power supply repairs, and motherboard and chip level services. Just call us and our technician will knock on your doorstep. He will investigate and repair any problem immediately. If there are any major problems or replacement your TV will be carried down to the Service Centre. If any parts are replaced by Urban Led TV Repair that part comes with a warranty of 3 months.



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